About Greg

Born in Aurora, ON, Greg moved to Victoria, BC in 2000. He resides in Oak Bay with his partner Jane and their son and started Jacstone Studios in 2012.

Inspired by the splendor of nature and the ocean around us, Greg spends hours walking local beaches to find perfect pieces of driftwood for his unique creations. Each piece is carefully transformed into a work of art which highlights the uniqueness of the wood. Greg also uses found wood—pieces from local cut and fallen trees—in his work. One of his favorites to find is plum wood.

In some of his creations, Greg uses a mix of media and incorporates bright acrylic colours, copper twine, and pieces of leather. Greg uses these materials to explore textures and patterns.

Greg’s work ranges from realistic to whimsical and every piece is one-of-a-kind. From wall pieces and sculptures to more functional items including cribbage boards and dog bowls, every piece created at Jacstone Studios is a labour of love.

Greg invites you to enjoy his beautiful pieces and is available to discuss commissioned work.